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Restoration of Status

People who are already in Canada with a temporary resident visa (TRV) as a visitor, student or worker but their status has been expired can apply to restore their status if it has been less than 90 days since their status expired. 

With their application for status restoration, applicants should include a note stating the
reasons needing extension. 

After the status is restored, applicant will get a visitor record or other appropriate permit which will outline the conditions of stay in Canada.

All positive decisions of restoration application will result in an extension of temporary
resident status in Canada until a specified date.
Restoration application can be made from inside Canada only.

Visitor Record 

If someone in Canada on a visitor visa needs to stay longer, they need to apply to extend their stay in Canada as a visitor by applying for a visitor record. Visitor records can also be applied to change the status from study permit to a visitor and/or work permit to visitor. 

TRV holders as a visitor or those on a study permit or work permit wishing to change their status (from international student or worker to visitor) should apply at least 30 days before the expiry of existing status. 

A visitor record is not a visa but simply a document which allows people having a temporary resident status as a visitor in Canada to stay longer and includes a new expiry date. 

TRV extension application can be applied online, and processing time is about 176 days from the date of application.