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Study Permit

Canada has evolved into a world class education destination for students aspiring for quality education in North America. More than 500,000 students come to study in Canada every year and even more come to Canada to learn English or French. Canadian degrees/diplomas are internationally recognized and are among one of the most-sought after in the world. If you intend to study in Canada, you will likely need a ‘Study Permit’.

In order to qualify for student visa, you must: 

  1. Have a letter of acceptance from an educational institution
  2. Prove that you have enough money to pay for your tuition fees and living expenses for yourself and any family members
  3. A law-abiding citizen with no criminal record 
  4. Not be a risk to the security of Canada
  5. Be in good health and willing to complete a medical examination, if necessary
  6. Satisfy an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your authorized stay